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1103 physician suicide & 13 reasons why →

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Eulogy for 10,000 doctor suicides →

Read full transcript and view photoessay here . . .

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FREE Audiobook: Physician Suicide Letters—Answered →


This FREE audiobook of Physician Suicide Letters—Answered, read by the author Dr. Pamela Wible, is dedicated to all medical students, to every child who has ever dreamed of being a doctor, and to all those who have lost their lives in pursuit of healing others.

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Don’t think you’re a victim? You may be the victimizer. →


Let’s talk about cycles of abuse. Sexual abuse. Domestic violence. Human rights violations. Why does this stuff continue? Why does a woman end up dating a violent man and then another violent man over and over again. Why does incest pass on from generation to generation?

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Dying by Karōshi 過労死 (excessive work death) →


One of my best friends form medical school died a few years ago, 55 years old, excellent health, swam every day. Genius—musician, internist, bicycle designer. His name was Patrick Tekeli. His death affected me deeply. Mother found him dead. Suicide? Who knows; I call it Karōshi (過労死)— ‘excessive work death.’  I’ve already submitted my letter of resignation.

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Doctor revived after near-suicide. Here’s what he says. →



In this podcast above, I share insights from a doc who barely survived his suicide attempt plus simple ways to prevent the next suicide. Listen in. You may save a life. Dear Pamela, I’ve never been so happy to fail at something in my life.

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