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December Physician Retreats

DEC 10 – 14 😍 LAUNCH YOUR IDEAL COACHING PRACTICE. Want to quit assembly-line medicine & do what you really love? Private retreat on Oregon coast. You’ll leave with fee schedule, contracts & website copy to get ideal clients immediately. Includes weekly coaching until Feb 2023. RETREAT FULL

DEC 13 – 16 ❤️‍🩹 PHYSICIAN TRAUMA RECOVERY. Feeling depressed? Have you lost a colleague to suicide? If you’ve ever had a toxic workplace, med board complaint, or intrusive thoughts after a medical error—this is for you. Intensive facilitated private retreat includes weekly peer support until Feb 2023. 100% Confidential. No paper trail.

DEC 17 – 19 😍CREATE YOUR IDEAL CLINIC OR COACHING PRACTICE. Ready to live your dream? Want to be the doctor you always imagined? You CAN quit assembly-line medicine & do what you really love! Create a side gig that becomes your main gig.VIRTUAL 3-DAY RETREAT. Includes 20-hour Fast-Track & weekly coaching until Feb 2023. 30 Hours CME. Fee: $3000.

LIVE RETREATS INCLUDE: most meals, all educational sessions, spa services & weekly support starting now until Feb 2023. Contact Dr. Wible for private retreat scheduling & pricing. 💚100% DEDUCTIBLE as business expense  💚

Physician Peer Support Sundays

Physician Trauma Recovery (2 pm EST) ~ Heal from suicidal thoughts, childhood-residency abuse & more. (2 hr).  ❤️  Pandemic Healing (4 pm EST) ~ Get help for long haul, job loss, death of family, peers. (1 hr).  ❤️  Business Mastermind (8 pm EST) ~ Learn advanced strategies for your ideal clinic, coaching, or consulting business (must be Fast Track grad). (1 hr).  Join our retreat Dec 17-19.  ❤️  Curated by Dr. Wible @ $97/mo. All healers welcome—every Sunday.

Register now & get your confidential Zoom link.

Monthly virtual & live retreats   ❤️   Plan your personal retreat

Suicidal Surgeon Help

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As overachievers, we hoard degrees—a procrastination strategy for some who feel safer in academic settings than promoting their true gifts to the world.

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Dr. Pamela Wible interviews Dr. Kat Lopez on the secrets to her success in her ideal medical clinic. If you’d like to meet a blissed out doctor (or become one) listen in. Need help? Contact Dr. Wible



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