Sleep-deprived doctors dying in car crashes →


Sleep-deprived doctors are dying in car crashes at an alarming rate around the world. And beginning July 1, 2017 the US will now force new doctors to work up to 28-hour shifts. So the death toll is likely to rise.Thousands of lives have already been sacrificed including not only doctors, but hospitalized patients, and innocent people on the roads. Today I share the lives of six doctors and a passenger we lost to physician fatigue. Read blog & comment . . .

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Sleep-deprived docs disclose hospital horrors →


Today the ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education) made the reckless decision to increase work hours to 28-hour shifts for new doctors. Here are the catastrophic consequences of their decision. Read blog & comment . . .

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Warning: 10 signs it’s time to quit your job →


Attention all nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, midwives, doctors and anyone else in health care: here are the top 10 warning signs that it is time to quit your job. The first three are mine. The rest are from colleagues. If you recognize anything on this list, please quit your job. Read blog & comment . . .

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Don’t think you’re a victim? You may be the victimizer. →


Let’s talk about cycles of abuse. Sexual abuse. Domestic violence. Human rights violations. Why does this stuff continue? Why does a woman end up dating a violent man and then another violent man over and over again. Why does incest pass on from generation to generation? Why are some countries plagued with human rights violations decade after decade? How can we stop the abuse? Oppressors won’t apologize spontaneously. Change depends on the victims. Here’s the problem: victims who don’t realize they’re victims are at high risk of becoming victimizers—thus perpetuating the cycle of abuse. Read blog & comment . . .

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Dying by Karōshi 過労死 (excessive work death) →


One of my best friends form medical school died a few years ago, 55 years old, excellent health, swam every day. Genius—musician, internist, bicycle designer. His name was Patrick Tekeli. His death affected me deeply. Mother found him dead. Suicide? Who knows; I call it Karōshi (過労死)— ‘excessive work death.’  I’ve already submitted my letter of resignation. Read blog & comment . . .

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How to say NO (for people pleasers) →

Say NO to people pleasers

People pleasers are dangerous. They actually end up hurting people. Don’t be too nice anymore. Here’s how I recovered—and you can too!  Read blog & comment . . .

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Doctor suicide an ‘inconvenience’ for patients →


Jon Azkue, a Chicago-area doctor, died by suicide just before completing his training. I first reported his death a few years ago. This is a follow-up story on his suicide. What really happened to Dr. Azkue? And why? In this podcast I break the silence on one doctor’s suicide. Read blog & comment . . .

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