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Suicidal Physicians

This week a resident asked, “What do you say to suicidal physicians?” Great question! For an expanded version of the three things I say to suicidal physicians (applies to anyone who is suicidal), please listen to my podcast here and download MP3 for future reference. There are three simple things I say to a suicidal physician (these strategies apply to anyone who is suicidal). 1) I don’t say anything. I listen without judgement. 2) Then I say, “You are not alone.” 3) Finally, I say, “Call me anytime.” For additional details see her article “What I say to suicidal physicians” and her book, Physician Suicide Letters—Answered. Read blog & comment . . .

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7 shaming words to stop saying now (and a few more) →

In medicine our motto is first do no harm. Words matter. Choose them wisely. Here are 7 words that shame, blame, and injure people who need our help. 1. Don’t say COMMITTED suicide. Committed implies a crime. Committed rape, burglary, murder. Suicide is not a crime; it’s a medical condition that has been taboo for too long. Let’s come out of the dark ages and use proper language to discuss the cause of death. It’s died OF pneumonia, heart attack, stroke, suicide. Say died OF suicide (or died BY suicide). Read blog & comment . . .

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7 strategies to launch your dream →

I’m a family doc living my dream life in my dream clinic in my dream town. Now I’m spreading my love. During the past 12 years, I’ve helped hundreds of medical students, doctors, and health professionals overcome their fears to live their dreams in medicine. Many were on the verge of dropping out; some were suicidal. Where you are now makes no difference. These 7 strategies are universal. You can do it too! Read blog & comment . . .

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