Should pilots, doctors & truck drivers work 28-hour shifts?

How long could you drive without dozing off? Maybe 8 hours? Possibly 10? How many hours do you think a long-haul trucker could drive without swerving into your lane? Would you ever want an 80,0000 pound rig coming at you with a guy behind the wheel who hadn’t slept in a day? Want to buckle yourself into your seat on a plane with a pilot cat napping on the control panel? How about a sleepy surgeon coming toward you with a scalpel? Does that seem like a good idea? Sleep deprivation is more dangerous than working under the influence of alcohol. Fatigue leads to car wrecks, plane crashes, and fatal medical mistakes. Thankfully, most employers have excellent safeguards so workers are well rested to prevent these catastrophes. Except for hospitals. Read blog & comment . . .

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