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Physician Peer Support (2 pm ET) ~ Suffering from imposter syndrome, savior complex, retaliation, bullying, betrayal, exhaustion, workaholism, medical mistakes, perfectionism, grief, guilt, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts? (1.5 hours). Register here.

Doctor Suicide Outreach Team (4 pm ET) ~ FREE training on (hidden) reasons docs die by suicide & most effective ways to save lives. (1.5 hour) To join, contact Dr. Wible.

PHP Fight Club (6 pm ET) ~ Suffering mental health discrimination? Forced into a PHP? Facing board investigation? Get confidential help from a team with decades of expertise. (1.5 hour) Invitation-only. To join, contact Dr. Wible.

Business Mastermind (8 pm ET) ~ Master advanced business strategies for your ideal clinic, coaching, or consulting business (no medical license required). Must be Fast Track grad. (1 hour). Register here.

Register now & get your confidential Zoom link.

(Weekly sessions nonrefundable once link shared)

Suicidal Surgeon Help

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