Suicide keynote gets standing ovation at AMSA →

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Read full transcript & view video here . . .

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Should I go to medical school? →


Read full transcript on blog & comment here  . . .


How the word “unprofessional” is used to censor and harass doctors →

Pamela Wible: I just got this letter I want to discuss with my friend and colleague, Sydney Ashland, who’s helping me answer all the letters I receive from medical students and doctors needing help. Read blog & comment . . .


Top 10 Lies Physicians Tell Themselves →


Pamela Wible: Today I’m sitting here with Sydney Ashland, an expert in physician mental health, who has worked with doctors for decades helping them overcome negative thinking patterns. And we’re going to dive into the top 10 lies that physician’s tell themselves. The number one thing that I hear over and over again from doctors is, “I’m stuck in assembly line medicine.”   Read blog & comment . . .

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Physician PTSD—Are you a victim? (and how to recover) →

Physician PTSD

Pamela Wible: We just got back from leading a physician retreat and this is actually my 16th physician retreat. Sydney, you’ve been co-facilitating these retreats with me for years and I just want to check in with you on something that I’ve noticed. I’m realizing more and more how many physicians are suffering with PTSD, even residents and medical students at the very earliest stages in their careers. Are you noticing that?  Read blog & comment . . .

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What doctors (secretly) need from patients →


Listen in to discover what doctors (and patients) actually need from each other . . .

Sydney Ashland: For the past six months or so, Pamela and I have talked a lot about the physician-patient relationship. She has recorded and written a lot about her relationship-centered practice, and I have shared a lot with her about my perspective from working with many physicians and medical students about what they need in a relationship. We’ve come together, both with lots of perspective, and recently because I have had a lot of opportunity to be the patient, that has even helped me become much, much more clear about what it is the patient needs in this relationship—as well as what the physician needs. Read blog & comment . . .

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Medical school manslaughter? →

Medical Student Manslaughter

Michelle Carter has just been convicted of manslaughter for encouraging Conrad Roy to complete suicide in 2014. “Hang yourself, jump off a building, stab yourself,” she said.  Michele was 17 at the time. So what should happen to medical school professors who use the same words, trusted adults who order students to die by suicide (with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the task). Would this be medical school manslaughter? Encouraging anyone to die by suicide is sick. Giving instructions is deadly. Getting a salary to do it is criminal. Read verbatim what professors have actually said to their students. Should they be convicted? Imprisoned? Fired? Add your comment here . . .

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