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Wible interview on doctor suicide crisis →

Oklahoma physician suicides—13 reasons why →

1103 physician suicide & 13 reasons why →

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Eulogy for 10,000 doctor suicides →

 Read full transcript and view photoessay here . . .

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Keynote: 33 orthopaedic surgeon suicides. How to prevent #34. →

 Read full transcript and view all slides here . . .

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June 1 is “Doctor Suicide Crazy Socks Day” →

Why male anesthesiologists die by suicide →

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Doctor suicides linked to institutional bullying? →

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Suicide keynote gets standing ovation at AMSA →

Read full transcript & view video here . . .

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Medical school manslaughter? →

Michelle Carter has just been convicted of manslaughter for encouraging Conrad Roy to complete suicide in 2014. “Hang yourself, jump off a building, stab yourself,” she said.  Michele was 17 at the time. So what should happen to medical school

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FREE Audiobook: Physician Suicide Letters—Answered →

This FREE audiobook of Physician Suicide Letters—Answered, read by the author Dr. Pamela Wible, is dedicated to all medical students, to every child who has ever dreamed of being a doctor, and to all those who have lost their lives

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Suicide censorship? Grieving mom speaks out. →

Dear Dr. Wible, As you know I lost my son Sean Petro on Mother’s Day 2016 but he wasn’t found until two days later. From the moment Sean was found by USC/Keck police in his apartment I have been treated

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What depressed doctors do →

Do depressed doctors go to doctors? Do they even seek help? What do depressed doctors do when they’re not helping you? Doctors have affairs. They drink alcohol and smoke pot. They steal prescription medications. They binge-eat crap, scream, and exercise

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I lost my son to suicide. What should I do? →

Dear Dr. Wible, I lost my beautiful son Evan to suicide four weeks ago. He was a second year internal medicine resident—a very smart, loving and funny man! He left a lengthy letter and in it he stated, “I do

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Doctor suicide an ‘inconvenience’ for patients →

Jon Azkue, a Chicago-area doctor, died by suicide just before completing his training. I first reported his death a few years ago. This is a follow-up story on his suicide. What really happened to Dr. Azkue? And why? In this

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