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What depressed doctors do →


Do depressed doctors go to doctors? Do they even seek help? What do depressed doctors do when they’re not helping you? Doctors have affairs. They drink alcohol and smoke pot. They steal prescription medications. They binge-eat crap, scream, and exercise obsessively. Depressed doctors contemplate suicide.

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I lost my son to suicide. What should I do? →

Dr. James Evan Astin

Dear Dr. Wible, I lost my beautiful son Evan to suicide four weeks ago. He was a second year internal medicine resident—a very smart, loving and funny man! He left a lengthy letter and in it he stated, “I do not want any attention drawn to this.” I have been crying all day reading your book and blog and I’ve seen the trailer of the film you all are making.

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Doctor suicide an ‘inconvenience’ for patients →


Jon Azkue, a Chicago-area doctor, died by suicide just before completing his training. I first reported his death a few years ago. This is a follow-up story on his suicide. What really happened to Dr. Azkue? And why? In this podcast I break the silence on one doctor’s suicide.

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Doctor revived after near-suicide. Here’s what he says. →



In this podcast above, I share insights from a doc who barely survived his suicide attempt plus simple ways to prevent the next suicide. Listen in. You may save a life. Dear Pamela, I’ve never been so happy to fail at something in my life.

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Ideal residency has therapy dogs, scribes & time for lunch →

We all know it’s time to revamp medical education. So how do we create an ideal medical school or residency program? Put medical students and residents in charge, of course. Need help? Hey, I’d love to help your residency reinvent itself. I recently challenged 115 residents to design the first ideal residency. 

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What I say to suicidal physicians →

Suicidal Physicians

This week a resident asked, “What do you say to suicidal physicians?” Great question! For an expanded version of the three things I say to suicidal physicians (applies to anyone who is suicidal), please listen to my podcast here and download MP3 for future reference.

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